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Route n°7 : Around the Kilmaine barracks


Stretched over 6 hectares and testament to the town’s prestigious military history, the Kilmaine area is now in the middle of refurbishment to fully function as a centre for equestrian, cultural and legal pursuits.



► Kilmaine barracks quarters (no admission to the interior of the buildings)


The Kilmaine barracks were built between 1718 and 1757 based on designs by the Montpellier-based architect, Desfour. They were occupied by the army until 2000: from 1818 to the beginning of the 20th century they were occupied by the Dragoons, then by the 11th regiment of Hussars until 1914 and finally by the 27th Mobilisation Centre and 9th Selection Centre from 1950 to 2000.

The buildings are based around several specialised courtyards surrounded by buildings housing stables on the ground floors and soldiers on the first floors. The great stables were built in 1846, measure 60 metres by 28 and are topped by a listed timber roof. These are one of only three similar infrastructures in France, the other two being in Saumur and Fontainebleau.



► Law quarter (no admission to the interior)


Set up in December 2006, the Tribunal pour enfants (Children’s Court) and the Service des juges d'application des peines (Surveillance Court) were the first administrative buildings to have their premises in the Kilmaine barracks. The Tribunal de grande instance (Superior Court), Tribunal d'instance (Civil/Criminal Court) and Tribunal de commerce (Business Tribunal) should also be based here in the future.



►House of Associations No admission except for exhibitions or private events) 


The House of Associations is a reflection of the important associative fabric which brings Tarascon to life. Associations can make use of several of the town’s premises.



► Cité du Cheval (no admission to the interior)


Since the CCI set up its training centre for equestrian careers in the barracks in 2004, it’s not unusual to cross paths with a horse rider in training or to help with equestrian tournaments. With its huge stables, outdoor arena (60 x 20 metres), and beautiful listed indoor arena, there’s no doubt that the future is bright for this site.



La Cité du cheval

Casernes Kilmaine

13150 Tarascon



Contact: 04 90 99 46 80 / Fax: 04 90 43 58 67

Information about training courses and the events schedule:

Mettre lien avec site internet de la CCI


Entrance fee :

Free entry



► House of Patriotic Associations – Visit by appointment


Located in the heart of the area and opened on November 10th 2006, the House of Patriotic Associations is intended to maintain the patriotic past of Tarascon. Also an exhibition centre for the last wars, the House works to keep the memory alive by reaching out to the younger generations.



Maison des Associations patriotiques

Quartier Kilmaine

13150 Tarascon



Open on the 1st Tuesday of every month in the afternoon

Contact: Jacques Mastaï -Tel: 04 90 91 00 52




► Lycée Alphonse Daudet - Boulevard Jules Ferry (no admission to the interior)

Restored in 1807 with the name of Ecole Secondaire Communale then reconstructed in the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1961 that the college was named after the author of Letters From My Windmill and Tartarin of Tarascon. Students from the Tarascon, Beaucaire, Saint-Rémy and Aramon areas attend the school.

The pediment’s sculpted portico surrounded by Doric columns is the only remnant from the 19th century. A war memorial in memory of the teacher and former student who died for France during the First World War stands in the courtyard.

The college has seen its fair share of well-known characters such as the Provençal poet Joseph Roumanille, surgeon Emile Péan and Marcel Pagnol worked here as a tutor and English teacher from 1916 to 1917 (visit his house at no. 40 on Rue Blanqui).